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(XI) Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Production of new compound drugs or drugs with active ingredients (including drug substance and formulations)
2. Amino acids: production of tryptophan, histidine, methionine used in feed, etc. using the zymotechnics process
3. Production of new types of anticarcinogenic drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, and nervous system drugs
4. Production of new types of drugs employing bioengineering and biotechnology
5. Production of HIV/AIDS vaccines, Hepatitis C vaccines, contraceptive vaccines, and new types of vaccines for cervical carcinoma, malaria, "hand, foot and mouth" disease, etc.
6. Production of biovaccines
7. Development and production of marine drugs
8. Pharmaceutical formulations: production of new formulations and new products employing new technologies, such as slow release, controlled release, targeting, and percutaneous absorption
9. Development and production of new excipients
10. Production of special antibacterial drug substance for animals (including antibiotics and chemical synthesis API)
11. Production of new products and new formulations of antibacterial drugs, anthelmintics, insecticides and anti-coccidiosis drugs for veterinary use
12. Production of new types of diagnostic reagents