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(XIV) Nonmetallic Mineral Products

1. Development and production of building materials featuring energy conservation, environmental protection, waste recycling, light-weight, high-strength, high performance, and multiple functions
2. Production of energy-saving and high-efficiency chemical building materials using plastic to replace steel or wood
3. Production of SBS/APP modified bitumen waterproof rolls with an annual output of 10 million square meters or more; wide (two meters or more) ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber waterproof rolls and relevant auxiliary materials; wide (two meters or more) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof rolls; and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof rolls
4. Development and production of functional glass using new technologies: electromagnetic wave shielding glass; glass substrate for microelectronic use; infrared transmitting lead-free glass; electronic-grade large-scale quartz glass products (such as pipe, plate, copple, instruments, and utensils); multiple-functional windshield glass with excellent optical performance; extreme materials and products for use in information technologies (including quartz glass bushing and ceramic wafer for waveguide-grade, high-precise optical fiber preform rod); purification processing of raw materials for high pure (>99.998%) or ultrapure (>99.999%) crystal
5. Production of conductive glass for thin film batteries and glass for solar illuminator
6. Production of glass fiber products and special glass fibers: low dielectric glass fibers, quartz glass fibers, high silica glass fibers, high strength and high elastic glass fibers, ceramic fiber, etc. and their products
7. Production of optical fibers and their products: optical fiber bundles for image transmission and laser optical fibers for medical treatment; super second-generation and third-generation microchannel plates; optical fiber panels; image inverters; and glass fiber cones
8. Standardized refinement of ceramics raw materials and production of high-grade decorative materials used in ceramics
9. Production of environment-friendly (non-chromizing) refractory materials used in furnaces, including but not limited to cement, electronic glass, ceramics, and microporous carbon bricks
10. Production of aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramic substrates and porous ceramics
11. Production of new inorganic and nonmetallic materials and products: composite materials, special ceramics, special sealing materials (including high-speed oil-seal materials), special friction materials (including high-speed friction brake products), special binding materials, special latex materials, underwater acoustic rubber products, and nanophase materials
12. Production of organic-inorganic composite cellular insulation materials
13. Production of high-tech composite materials: continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials and prepregs, auxiliary materials for molding of resin-based composite materials with thermal resistance of more than 300°C or above, resin-based composite material (including high-end sports products and light-weight high-strength parts of vehicle), special-function composite materials and their products (including composite material products used in deep water or for diving and composite materials products for medical treatment and recuperation), carbon or carbon composite materials, high-performance ceramic-based composite materials and their products, metal or glass-based composite materials and their products, metal-layered composite materials and their products, ultra high pressure composite rubber hoses (pressure > 320MPa), and large passenger aircraft tires
14. Production of raw materials for precision and high-performance ceramics: ultra-fine silicon carbide (SiC) powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), ultra-fine silicon nitride powder (Si3N4) (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 0.5μm), low-temperature sintered zirconia (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature < 1350 °C), high-purity aluminium nitride (AlN) powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2) powder (purity > 98.5%), white carbon black (particle size < 100nm), and barium titanate (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm)
15. Development and production of high-quality artificial crystals and thin-film transistor products: artificially synthesized crystal (piezoelectric crystal and ultraviolet ray transmitting crystal); super-hard crystal (cubic boron nitride crystal); high-temperature resistant and highly-insulated artificially synthesized crystal (artificially synthesized mica); new electro-optic crystal; high-power laser crystal and large-scale scintillation crystal; diamond-film tool; ultrathin synthetic diamond saw blade with a thickness of not more than 0.3mm
16. Fine processing of nonmetallic minerals (ultra-fine grinding, high purifying, refining, and modified performance)
17. Production of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes
18. Production of pearl mica (particle size of 3-150μm)
19. Production of multi-dimensional and multi-directional integral fabrics and shape fabrics
20. Safe disposal of solid wastes using new dry process cement kilns
21. Recycling of building waste
22. Comprehensive utilization of industrial by-product gypsum
23. Development and application of new technologies for the comprehensive utilization of nonmetal mine tailings; ecological restoration of mines