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(XIV) Nonmetallic Mineral Products
1. Production of silicon single crystals and polished wafers with a diameter of 200mm or more
2. Production of high-tech nonferrous materials: compound semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, indium phosphide, and gallium nitride); high-temperature superconducting materials; memory alloy materials (titanium nickel and copper- and iron-based memory alloy materials); ultra-fine (nano) calcium carbide and ultra-fine (nano) crystal hard alloy; ultra-hard composite materials; precious metal composite materials; aluminum foils for radiators; medium- and high-voltage cathode capacitor aluminum foils; special large aluminum alloy sections; aluminum alloy precision forging dies; overhead conductors for electrified railway lines; ultra-thin copper strips; copper alloy materials for corrosion-resistant heat exchangers; high-performance copper-nickel and copper-iron alloy strips; materials for processing beryllium copper strips, lines, pipes and rods; high-temperature resistant and anti-senescence tungsten filaments; magnesium alloy castings; lead-free solder; magnesium alloys and their products; foamed aluminum; titanium alloy strips and titanium welded pipes; sponge zirconium at atomic energy level; and deeply processed tungsten and molybdenum products