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(XVII) General Equipment Manufacturing

1. Manufacturing of high-end computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools and key spare parts: five-axis alignment CNC machine tools, CNC coordinate boring and milling processing center, CNC coordinate grinding machines, five-axis alignment CNC system and servomechanism installations, and high-speed ultra-hard cutting tools used for precision CNC processing
2. Manufacturing of multi-station forging forming machines of 1,000 tons or above
3. Manufacturing of equipment for dismantling, crushing, and post-processing and sorting of retired automobiles
4. Manufacturing of flexible transfer lines (FTL)
5. Manufacturing of vertical multi-joint industrial robots and welding robots and relevant welding devices and equipment
6. Manufacturing of special processing machines: complete sets of equipment for laser cutting and welding, laser precision processing equipment, CNC low-speed wire-cut electrical discharge machines (LS-WEDMs), and sub-micron and ultra-fine grinders
7. Manufacturing of wheeled or crawler cranes of 400 tons or above (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
8. Design and manufacturing of high-pressure plunger pumps and engines with working pressure 35MPa and low-speed large-torque engines with working pressure 35MPa
9. Manufacturing of integrated hydraulic-pressure multiple unit valve with working pressure 25MPa and electro-hydraulic proportional servo elements
10. Design and manufacturing of valve terminal, pneumatic solenoid valve of less than 0.35W, and high-frequency electrically-controlled gas valves of 200Hz or more
11. Design and manufacturing of hydrostatic drive devices
12. Development and manufacturing of non-contact gas film seals with pressure >10MPa and dry gas seals with pressure > 10MPa (including experimental devices)
13. Development and manufacturing of equipment for automobile polymer materials (friction plates, remodeled phenolic pistons, nonmetallic hydraulic master/sub-pumps, etc.)
14. Manufacturing of the third- and fourth-generation car wheel hub bearings (functional components of wheel hub bearings with flanges and sensors inside or outside); bearings for high- or medium-grade CNC machine tools or processing centers (provided that the processing centers have more than three axis alignment function and 3-4m repeated positioning precision); high-speed wire rod or plate rolling mill bearings (support bearings and work roll bearings for single-line wire rod mills with a speed of 120m/s or more or for thin-plate rolling mill processing plates with a thickness of 2mm or more); high-speed railway bearings (with a speed of more than 200km/h); low-noise bearings with vibration below Z4 (noise level: Z4, Z4P, V4, or V4P); P4 or P2 level bearings of various bearings; bearings of wind turbine generator set (mainshaft bearing, speed increaser bearing, dynamo bearing, etc. of a wind turbine generator set of 2 megawatts or more); aircraft bearings (mainshaft bearing of aircraft engine, landing chassis bearing, transmission agent bearing, control loop bearing, etc.)
15. Manufacturing of high-density, high-precision and complex-shaped powder metallugical parts and chains used for automobile, engineering machinery, etc.
16. Manufacturing of gear transmission used for wind power or high speed rail, gear transmission agent with adjustable blades used for vessels, and large-sized and heavy-load gear boxes
17. Manufacturing of high-temperature resistant insulation materials (F and H insulation classes) and moulded insulation products
18. Development and manufacturing of accumulator bladders and rubber and plastic seals for hydropneumatic use
19. Manufacturing of high-precision, high-strength (level 12.9 or above), special-shaped and assembly fasteners
20. Manufacturing of miniature precision transmission junction pieces (clutches)
21. Manufacturing of coupling shaft for heavy rolling mills
22. Remanufacturing of machinery such as machine tools, engineering machinery and railroad engine equipment and remanufacturing of automobile parts and components