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) (XVIII) Special-Purpose Equipment Manufacturing
1. Manufacturing of trackless equipment for excavation, loading and transport in mines, including but not limited to: mechanically-driven tippers for mining with a capacity of 200 tons or more; mobile crushers; bucket wheel excavators with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters or more per hour; loaders for mining with a capacity of 8 cubic meters or more; and electrically-dragged coal mining machines of 2,500 kilowatt or more
2. Manufacturing of equipment for geophysical exploration and well logging: MEME seismometers; digital telemetric seismographs; digital imaging systems and digitally controlled well logging systems; devices and apparatus for horizontal wells, directional wells and drilling rigs; and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools
3. Manufacturing of equipment for oil exploration, drilling, collection and transportation: floating drilling systems and floating production systems with an operating water depth of more than 1,500 meters and the supporting subsea oil extraction, collection and transportation equipment
4. Manufacturing of large-caliber rotary drilling rigs with a caliber of 2 meters or more and depth of 30 meters or more, push benches with a diameter of 1.2 meters or more, complete sets of large equipment with a pull-back force of 300 tons or more for laying underground pipes and lines without digging, and underground diaphragm wall construction drilling rigs
5. Design and manufacturing of large bulldozers of 520 horsepower or more
6. Design and manufacturing of silt removers with a capacity of 100 cubic meters or more per hour and dredging devices for dredgers with a capacity of 1,000 tons or more
7. Design and manufacturing of equipment for the construction of concrete cut-off walls used for flood prevention dikes
8. Manufacturing of underwater earthwork construction machinery: bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc. operating nine meters underwater or deeper
9. Manufacturing of equipment for maintenance and automatic testing of highways and bridges
10. Manufacturing of equipment for operational monitoring, ventilation, disaster prevention and rescue systems of highway tunnels
11. Design and manufacturing of maintenance machinery and inspection and monitoring equipment for large-scale railway construction, railway tracks, bridges and tunnels and their key parts and components
12. Manufacturing of equipment for (asphaltic) linoleum tiles and equipment for producing galvanized steel sheets and other metal roofs
13. Manufacturing of equipment for environment-friendly and energy-saving on-site polyurethane spraying waterproof and thermal insulation systems; technology of preparing polyurethane sealants and manufacturing of relevant equipment; and technology of preparing improved silicone sealants and manufacturing of relevant production equipment
14. Design and manufacturing of high-precision strip mills (thickness precision of 10 microns)
15. Manufacturing of ore dressing equipment for multi-element, fine-particle and refractory metal minerals
16. Manufacturing of the key equipment of complete sets of ethylene equipment with an annual capacity of 1 million tons or more: mixing granulators with an annual processing capacity of 400,000 tons or more, helical-conveyer centrifuges with a diameter of 1,000 mm or more, and low-flow high-head centrifugal pump
17. Manufacturing of complete sets of large coal chemical equipment (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
18. Design and manufacturing of metal product molds (extrusion dies for pipes, rods and section bars made of copper, aluminum, titanium and zirconium)
19. Design and manufacturing of punching dies for automobile body covers, large-sized injection molds for automobile dashboard, bumper, etc., and clamps and gauges for automobiles and motorcycles
20. Design and manufacturing of production equipment for power batteries for automobiles
21. Design and manufacturing of precise die molds (punching dies with a precision higher than 0.02 millimeter and cavity molds with a precision higher than 0.05 millimeter)
22. Design and manufacturing of nonmetal product molds
23. Manufacturing of beer bottling equipment with a capacity of 60,000 bottles or more per hour, hot- and medium-temperature beverage bottling equipment with a capacity of 50,000 bottles or more per hour, and aseptic filling equipment with a capacity of 36,000 bottles or more per hour
24. Production technologies of amino acids, enzyme preparations, food additives, etc. and the manufacturing of key equipment
25. Manufacturing of complete sets of equipment for animal feed processing with a capacity of 10 tons or more per hour and the key parts of such equipment
26. Manufacturing of equipment for lightweight corrugated boards and cartons with corrugation height of 0.75 millimeter or less
27. Manufacturing of sheet-fed and multi-color offset presses (width 750 millimeters; printing speed: single side and multiple color 16,000 sheets per hour, and both sides and multiple color 13,000 sheets per hour)
28. Manufacturing of single-width single-paper path web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 75,000 bisect sheets per hour (787 880 millimeters), double-width single-paper path web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 170,000 bisect sheets per hour (787 880 millimeters), and commercial web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 50,000 bisect sheets per hour (787 880 millimeters)
29. Manufacturing of multi-color wide flexographic presses (printing width 1,300 millimeters and printing speed 350 meters per second), inkjet digital printing presses (used for publication: printing speed 150 meters per minute and resolution 600dpi; used for packaging: printing speed 30 meters per minute and resolution 1,000dpi; used for variable data: printing speed 100 meters per minute and resolution 300dpi)
30. Manufacturing of systems for ink color computer pre-setting, remote ink color control, water-ink speed tracking, automatic printing quality inspection and tracking, and shaftless driving technology; manufacturing of high-speed automatic pasters and feeders with a speed of 75,000 sheets per hour, remotely adjustable high-speed folding machines, automatic overprinting systems, cooling devices, silicon-adding systems, and deviation adjustment devices
31. Manufacturing of electron-gun automatic coating machines
32. Deep processing technology for sheet glass and manufacturing of relevant equipment
33. Manufacturing of complete sets of equipment such as new types of paper (including pulp) making machines
34. Manufacturing of equipment using new leather post ornament and processing technology
35. Development and manufacturing of new agricultural product processing and storage equipment: new equipment for the processing, storage, preservation, grading, packaging, and drying of grains, oil plants, vegetables, dried and fresh fruit products, meat products, aquatic products, and other products; agricultural product quality inspection instruments and equipment; damage-free quality inspection instruments and equipment for agricultural products; rheometers; farinographs; ultramicro crushing equipment; high-efficiency dewatering equipment; high-efficiency fruit juice condensation equipment achieving five or more effects; sterilization equipment for powder food materials; solid and semi-solid food aseptically packaging equipment; and disk-type centrifugal separators
36. Manufacturing of agricultural machinery: agricultural equipment (automatic irrigation equipment for greenhouses, equipment for automatic disposition of nutrient solutions and fertilization, high-efficiency vegetable seedling equipment, and soil nutrient analysis equipment); tractors with an engine power of 120 kilowatts or more and the auxiliary farm implements; diesel engines with low fuel consumption, low noise and low emission; sprayers auxiliary to large tractors and equipped with residual droplets retrieval devices; high-performance rice transplanters; cotton picking machines and cotton picking platforms; self-propelled (hydraulically or mechanically-driven) corn combine harvesters adaptable to various row spacings; rapeseed harvesters; cane harvesters; and beet harvesters
37. Manufacturing of forestry machinery and instruments using new technology
38. Manufacturing of equipment for the collection, bundling and comprehensive utilization of crop straws
39. Manufacturing of equipment for the resource utilization of agricultural waste and waste from livestock and poultry breeding meeting a certain scale
40. Manufacturing of agricultural equipment using fertilizer-saving, pesticide- saving or water-saving technology
41. Manufacturing of equipment for cleaning electromechanical wells and equipment for producing cleaning agents
42. Manufacturing of electronic endoscopes
43. Manufacturing of fundus cameras
44. Manufacturing of key components of medical imaging equipment (including but not limited to high-field-strength superconducting magnetic resonance imaging equipment, X-ray computed tomography imaging equipment, and digital color diagnostic ultrasound equipment)
45. Manufacturing of (3D) ultrasonic transducers for medical use
46. Manufacturing of equipment for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)
47. Manufacturing of image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy systems
48. Manufacturing of haemodialysis machines and hemofiltration machines
49. Manufacturing of equipment for fully automated enzyme immunoassay (EIA) systems (including some functions such as sample loading, enzyme labeling, ELISA plate washing, incubation, and data post-processing)
50. New technology for drug quality control and manufacturing of new equipment for drug quality control
51. Development of new analysis technology and new extracting process for active substance in natural drugs; development and manufacturing of new extracting equipment
52. Manufacturing of multi-layer co-extrusion water-cooled blown film equipment for non-PVC medical infusion bags
53. Development and manufacturing of new textile machinery, key parts and components, and textile testing and experimental apparatus
54. Manufacturing of computer-aided jacquard artificial fur machines
55. Manufacturing of equipment specially for producing solar cells
56. Manufacturing of air pollution prevention and control equipment: high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant filtering materials, low-NOx combustion devices, catalyst for flue gas denitrogenation and complete sets of denitrogenation equipment, industrial organic exhaust purification equipment, diesel vehicle exhaust purification equipment, and heavy metal exhaust air treatment equipment
57. Manufacturing of water pollution prevention and control equipment: horizontal spiral centrifugal dehydrators, membrane and membrane materials, ozone generators with a capacity of more than 50kg/h, chlorine dioxide generators with a capacity of more than 10 kg/h, ultraviolet disinfection devices, small domestic sewage treatment equipment used in rural areas, and heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment
58. Manufacturing of solid waste treatment and disposal equipment: sewage plant sludge disposal and resource recycling equipment, complete sets of refuse incineration equipment with a daily treatment capacity of 500 tons or more, landfill leachate treatment technology equipment, anti-seepage geo-membranes in landfills, building waste treatment and resource recovery utilization equipment, devices for disposal of hazardous waste, devices for power generation with biogas in landfills, treatment equipment for ferrous wastes, and soil remediation equipment
59. Development and manufacturing of equipment for the comprehensive utilization of red mud from aluminum industry
60. Manufacturing of equipment for the comprehensive utilization of mine tailings
61. Manufacturing of equipment for the collection, treatment and recycling of used and waste plastics, electrical appliances, rubbers, and batteries
62. Manufacturing of reclamation equipment for used and waste textiles
63. Manufacturing of equipment for the remanufacturing of used and waste mechanical and electrical products
64. Manufacturing of devices for the comprehensive utilization of used and waste tires
65. Environmental protection technology for aquatic ecosystems and the manufacturing of relevant equipment
66. Manufacturing of portable assembling water purification equipment
67. Unconventional water treatment or recycling equipment and water quality monitoring instruments
68. Leak test equipment and instruments for industrial water pipeline networks and equipment (appliances)
69. Development of technologies for seawater desalination and circulating cooling with a daily capacity of 100,000 cubic meters or more and manufacturing of relevant complete sets of equipment
70. Manufacturing of special meteorological observation and analysis equipment
71. Technology system development for seismic stations, networks and mobile seismologic observation and manufacturing of relevant apparatus and equipment
72. Manufacturing of radial tire building machine with three or more drums
73. Manufacturing of rolling resistance testers and establishment of tire noise laboratories
74. Manufacturing of equipment using new technology for heat supply metering and temperature control devices
75. Manufacturing of equipment for hydrogen energy preparation, storage and transportation and inspection systems
76. Manufacturing of new heavy residual oil gasification and atomizing nozzles, high-efficiency steam trap valves with a leakage rate of 0.5% or below, and high-temperature ceramic heat exchanger with temperature of 1,000 C or above
77. Manufacturing of devices for recovery of marine oil spilling
78. Manufacturing of equipment for utilization of low concentration coal-mine gas and ventilation air methane