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VIII. Scientific Research, Technical Service and Geological Exploration Industries

1. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering technologies and biomass energy development technology
2. Isotope, radiation and laser technology
3. Marine development and marine energy exploitation technology, technology for comprehensive utilization of marine chemical resources, development and refinement or deep processing of related products, and marine medicine and biochemical product development technology
4. Ocean monitoring technology (ocean tidal waves, weather, environmental monitoring) and seabed detection and oceanic resources exploration and assessment technologies
5. Technologies for high value-added utilization of seawater chemical resources, including but not limited to production of salt and extraction and deep processing of potassium, bromine, magnesium and lithium by comprehensively utilizing desalinated dense seawater
6. Offshore oil pollution cleaning and ecology recovery technology and relevant product development, technology for prevention and treatment of sea water eutrophication, technology for prevention and treatment of marine life explosive growth disaster, and coastal zone ecological environment recovery technology
7. Energy saving technology development and services
8. Development and application of technologies for recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources and for recycling of emissions and discharges from enterprise productions
9. Environmental pollution treatment and monitoring technologies
10. New technologies for energy efficiency in chemical fiber production and printing and dying processing and for the treatment of exhaust gas, waste liquid and waste residue
11. Desertification prevention and desert treatment technologies
12. Comprehensive management technology for grassland-livestock balance
13. Civil satellite application technology
14. Research and development centers
15. High and new technology, new product development, and enterprise incubation centers